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Australian Immigration Law

Australian immigration law is complex and frequently changing. With CMN, you can expect comprehensive legal advice and management throughout the entire immigration process. Comfortably settle down in Sydney, Melbourne or any other region of the country.

We manage all types of visas, as well as citizenship and detention matters at the primary, merits and judicial review stages of the immigration process. With a commitment to providing quality service at an affordable price, we deliver outcomes that enable our client’s to comfortably live, work, study and retire in Australia. Our team of legal professionals have more than 30 years of experience practising Australian immigration and refugee law.

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Employer Sponsored & Business Migration

We work with employers, skilled workers and entrepreneurs in a range of industries, ensuring the successful migration to various regions of Australia. Individuals looking to live and work in Australia can expect professional legal advice and representation from our migration lawyers. The team’s understanding of work visas, sponsorship obligations, skilled migration requirements, and personal immigration needs will make moving a simpler process. Get started today.

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Partner & Family Migration

Through our extensive understanding of the immigration process, we help partners, parents, children and extended family complete their immigration applications. Receive compassionate legal representation when applying for a family visa or partner visa.

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Australian Citizenship

Our team of experienced immigration lawyers assist people in attaining their citizenship or permanent residency as promptly as possible. Becoming an Australian citizen simplifies the process of travelling abroad, voting, receiving financial aid and completing administration with the Department of Home Affairs. Start the citizen application process today.

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Refugee & Humanitarian Visas

Streamline your refugee or humanitarian visa application process with the support of our experienced legal team. We work with clients based in Australia and all over the world, helping them file for protection visas if their native country is unsafe. At CMN, assisting refugees and asylum seekers has been one of our focus areas for more than 30 years. Let us assist you where we can.

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Immigration Appeals & Reviews

In collaboration with accomplished legal professionals, our team has represented clients at all stages of the review and appeal process. We understand the complexity of both merit and judicial reviews, providing excellent representation for matters relating to Australian visa cancellations, visa refusals, and detention.

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Complex Immigration Issues

In the unfortunate event that you are experiencing visa complications, our team of immigration lawyers can help you to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Issues relating to family, relationships, health, money, and the criminal justice system all have the potential to compromise your visa status. Receive professional immigration advice with CMN.

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Other Visas

We have experience assisting clients with several visa types, including student visas, residency visas, temporary visas, and permanent visas. Depending on your specific circumstances, our team can assist with visa applications relating to travel, work, or education. Secure your visa by following our step-by-step process.

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Our Immigration Lawyers

Our experienced team of Australian immigration lawyers offer expert services for all stages of the immigration process. Contact us for a confidential initial consultation in which we gain a better understanding of your situation and outline the best way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is advisable to use an immigration lawyer as they can help you to efficiently deal with legal matters and garner the best possible outcomes. The level of information required to complete most legal documentation and processes can be complex, especially if it is your first time. With the help of a law firm, you can lessen the risk of making an error.

Immigration lawyers have an expert understanding of the Migration Act, Migration Regulations, and relevant legislation. We utilise this knowledge to provide legal advice and representation to clients in various stages of the Australian immigration process, giving them peace of mind.

The cost of an immigration lawyer varies depending on their experience, the factors of the case, and the amount of hours required to address the matter. You will also have to consider the additional fees that may come with certain applications and appeals.
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You do not necessarily need a lawyer to immigrate to Australia, especially if you have assistance from organisations such as your place of work or university. However, working with a lawyer is highly recommended as the legal process is complicated and Australia’s migration laws are subject to change all the time.

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