Our Services

We aim to protect your rights and those of your family in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Relationship breakdowns have a major emotional impact. We treat you with respect and empathy. We guide you through what can be a difficult and stressful time by providing clear and timely advice and representation, and the information that you need to resolve your family law needs.

Our specialists regularly negotiate and mediate settlements which can be preferable to a drawn-out Court process.  However if a Court-determined outcome is the only option, we have decades of Courtroom experience.

Our services include:

  • “Pre-nuptial” and binding financial agreements (BFAs), cohabitation and separation agreements
  • divorce and nullity proceedings
  • children’s issues: parental responsibility; custody, access and contact; child abduction and international child abduction (Hague Convention) issues; child maintenance and support
  • paternity, parentage and DNA testing issues
  • spousal maintenance
  • property orders – use and occupation of home, division of business assets
  • superannuation and tax issues
  • bankruptcy issues:  including representing trustees in bankruptcy and major creditors in Family Law proceedings
  • urgent orders including preserving assets of the relationship, restraining flight from jurisdiction
  • family trusts, unit trusts, and Corporations Act issues
  • claims arising from contributions and agreements
  • issues requiring the assistance of forensic accountants
  • de-facto relationships
  • domestic violence issues
  • wills and succession issues
  • same-sex relationships and rainbow families
  • surrogacy advice
  • IVF/Donor insemination issues

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