Our Services

CMN has a strong history of commitment to access to justice and social responsibility. 

This commitment has been realised through more than 10,000 legal aid and pro bono cases over the last three decades, including:

  • Anti-discrimination cases
  • Native title claims
  • Wrongful imprisonment actions
  • Refugee matters
  • “Domestic slavery” compensation cases
  • Family law services
  • Representing families of deceased persons in inquests
  • Appearing for parties before ICAC, and seeking compensation for victims of corruption
  • Credit Act litigation against unscrupulous credit providers
  • More than 20 matters for the Aboriginal Land Councils over a period of 18 years where we acted in a supporting role such as negotiations for leaseholds and representation.
  • Over the years CMN has provided extensive pro bono Native Title legal services and has assisted with the establishment of legal centres.
  • Sports law services

CMN and our solicitors continue to provide pro bono work across a range of legal fields through our pro bono program and policy.

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