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Our Australian Citizenship Services

Our experienced team of legal professionals assists clients from all walks of life attain their Australian citizenship. Whether you’re an applicant by descent or conferral, we guide clients through complex issues regarding their residency or character requirements. 

With over 30 years of experience, we know exactly how to apply for Australian citizenship as seamlessly as possible. CMN also represents clients who wish to apply for merits review of a decision to refuse a citizenship application. This takes place through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s (AAT) General Division.

An Australian citizenship certificate comes with several benefits, including the opportunity to attain an Australian passport, vote, apply for federal Australian government and defence jobs, and receive financed education.

Frequently Asked Citizenship Questions

You are potentially eligible for Australian citizenship if you are a permanent resident when you make the application, and meet requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs. You must also pass the Australian citizenship test (unless you are a retirement applicant) and pay the application fee.

If you applied for Australian citizenship as a migrant, it can be revoked by the Minister. This typically occurs in situations where falsified supporting documents or misleading information was provided during the citizenship application process.

Australian citizenship by descent can be attained if you were born outside Australia, but at least one of your parents were citizens of the country at the time you were born. 

If you are an Australian citizen, it entitles you to live, work, study and vote in Australia. You can also apply for an Australian passport which allows you to leave and re-enter Australia without applying for a return visa.

Citizenship by conferral means you were granted Australian citizenship because you met the specified eligibility requirements, submitted an application, and passed the citizenship test.

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