What makes Australia special

Date: Nov 02, 2012

If you are thinking about embarking on a journey and living in a different country, then why not choose Australia?

An immigration lawyer can help you with the paperwork but here is a list of reasons why coming down under will be the best decision you've ever made.

First of all the landscape is truly brilliant, no matter where you travel. The scenery of beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and rolling country hills means that you are already living in a place where your next holiday is just a short plane ride away.

The cultural diversity means that if you come from a country with another language, you will be arriving in a place where it is likely already spoken. Multiculturalism is an important part of Australia and has helped shaped our country as we know it today.

We have many freedoms in Australia and we enjoy first world rights. including freedom of speech in which we have the rights to express our opinions without fear of retribution from law enforcement.

Australians also enjoy freedoms of association, assembly, religion and movement, which we can be thankful for.

In Australia we value many things, not least of which is sport - but we also care about more serious things like the rule of law, the responsibility of government, the acceptance of other cultures and races, equality of opportunity and equality of sexes. These are some of the things that define us as a tolerant, welcoming nation that appreciates all the contributions that migrants provide in making up our national character.

More broadly, Australia enjoys sports and for those who are looking to travel here from Europe or South America, our country is getting behind soccer on a much grander scale. But if soccer isn't for you, then there is a litany of other sports in which we excel and we enjoy watching.

We mark traditional Christian days like Easter and Christmas as public holidays . In addition, we value ANZAC Day, when we remember the servicemen and women who defended and died for Australia's national security.

In addition on January 26 we celebrate Australia Day by commemorating the arrival of the historic First Fleet at Sydney Harbour. Typical ways of marking the day is to go to the beach, have a picnic and enjoy a barbeque. Official events on that day include the Order of Australia presentations, Australian of the Year awards and citizenship ceremonies.

Australia is a wonderful country and a diverse nation, so if you are considering leaving your country of origin, seriously think about coming down under.