Checklist after moving to Australia

Date: Oct 25, 2012

If you're just arrived in Australia to start your new life then there are a number of things you should familiarise yourself with so that your transition into a new society is as seamless as possible. Fortunately, your immigration lawyer can help you with all these little details.

Living in Australia means that you are open to a number of options for accommodation,which include renting and buying as well as the types of homes whether they are units, detached homes with a backyard or rural acreages for those who enjoy the bush.

Where your job is may dictate where your home is but be sure to think about what you and your family can afford and what they want out of a home.

Should you travel with your family, you need start thinking about enrolling your school aged children in education fairly quickly as the legal ages for staying in school are between five and 15.

Ideally that decision was made before you arrived but if that was not feasible for whatever reason, it is not an issue.

If the school that you want your children to go to is unable to accommodate them at this point in time, put them on the waiting list and enrol them in public school. Down the line you may decide what is best for your children is keeping them in the school they are already at.

Public schools are funded by the government but depending on your visa, you may not be entitled to that free education.

In addition to school, social activities are a great way to integrate you and your family into society through sports teams or community groups.

If you are religious, find your local place of worship and begin chatting with the members.Not only is it a great opportunity to make friends, you may get the chance to ask them any questions you have about living in the area. Sports groups are also a great way to meet people so maybe you could join the local cricket team. But if you don't play, maybe meeting parents through your children's sport side, is a way to meet friends.

Depending on your visa, you may have access to Medicare or you may be required to have private insurance - either way, should an incident occur, the emergency services number is 000 and if the situation warrants it, the patient will be taken to the nearest hospital.