Joining your children in Australia

Date: Oct 24, 2012

Many families have grown up children who decide to forge their life's path in another part of the world. And after a long period of time away from your children, you may wish to move to where they live.

If your children whether adult or not, live in Australia and you're looking to join them there from overseas then you'll be applying for a parent (migrant) visa with a 103 subclass. To be eligible your child must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen with the correct eligibility. To explore your options for entering Australia, talk with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Your children must have been in that status for at least two years and you must show that at least half your children are in Australia as citizens or permanent residents and that more of your children are of that status in Australia, than in any other country. You and your partner are entitled to come to Australia under this visa, and other dependent family members as well, provided they meet the criteria.

The visa allows a great deal for a successful applicant as they can work and study in Australia as well as receive Medicare and some social security payments, depending on eligibility. These benefits do have a waiting period with two years for social security and ten for age and disability payments. The visa will also allow you to be eligible for Australian citizenship after a period of time.

Due to the large demand for this particular visa, applicants can wait for multiple years before receiving the green light. This is based on the fact that the list of applications (for a limited number of places each year) is a particularly long one. Sponsors of this visa or the applicant can pay a larger fee to reduce the waiting time, as the government says that by paying this fee, you are contributing to revenue stream of the Commonwealth government and should be rewarded for that contribution.

The responsibility of the different parties in regards to obtaining and carrying out this visa, is as follows:

The sponsor must submit in writing, their dedication to provide financial support and accommodation to the applicant, their spouse and any dependent family members for the first two years that they are residing in this country.

The applicant must complete all the relevant paperwork, submit it and pay all the relevant charges associated with lodging this application.

To be eligible for this visa, an applicant must have children in Australia as talked about above, as well as meet the family balance test which refers to whether more of your permanent resident or citizen children live in Australia than anywhere else. If you have four children and two live in Australia and the other two live elsewhere, you pass the family balance test.