Requirements for a 457 sponsor visa

Date: Oct 08, 2012

For those outside Australia who wish to work in the land down under our sun-drenched country then they'll need to reside here on a 457 visa which includes sponsorship from employers.

The three-stage process requires most of the work from the employer, as they must apply to be a sponsor, nominate a position and then the employee fills out the application for a visa.

An immigration lawyer can assist with all issues relating to applying for a 457 visa - including employer nominations and employee applications.

The rough time that it takes for an application can vary with some testimonials stating that it took less than a week, while others say it can take up to roughly three weeks.

The document provides a high level of freedom, as employees who hold a 457 visa can stay for up to four years, bring their family and travel in and out of the country as often as they please. However, they are restricted to working solely for the sponsoring employer - though secondary applicants (husbands, wives and de facto partners) and children are free to work and study.

The visa allows you to apply if a strict criteria is met that stipulates you have the qualifications and experience to fulfill the role of your new job appropriately. A skill set that matches the requirements for the role, 457 visa applicants must demonstrate an ability to speak English at a proficient level and have adequate private health insurance cover if they are not eligible for Medicare.

All up, there a number of costs which include a sponsorship application charge of $420, a nomination charge of $85 and a visa application charge of $350.

Employer Eligibility
Employers must prove that they have been dedicated to hiring locally as well as being a non-discriminatory equal opportunity employer. There are training requirements which must be declared on the visa application which says that the business has reached a training benchmark in the last 12 months. Despite the assumption of the obvious, businesses must attest that they are in fact legal businesses and that they are actually operating and trading. Proof of this includes providing an Australian Business Number (ABN) and recent tax returns or business reports.

Employee Eligibility
There are a number of avenues through which you can access the 457 visa which includes working for a company for the first time, working for the company outside Australia before applying for the visa or currently holding a terminal subclass 457 visa.

Occupations that can be obtained through the 457 visa must first be approved by the Australian government. The skills requirements meant that documents have to be filled out to demonstrate that you are in fact suitable for this position through experience and training.

For a trade profession, a skills assessment may have to be undertaken to ensure eligibility. Applicants may be required to sit an English test, however there are exemptions if you are going to earn more than $92,000 or if you hail from an English speaking country such as the United States or Great Britain.

There are health and character requirements which refer to if an applicant carries certain diseases or has a criminal history.