Number of Chinese students in Australia for university up 20%

Date: Sep 13, 2012

The number of university feeder courses that Chinese students are taking in Australia has risen 20 per cent. It's a welcome change after a difficult few years in which strong factors such as the economy, Australian dollar and a bad reputation which Fairfax reports, resulted in Chinese media telling its public that Australia was too dangerous to travel to and study in.

The surge in numbers is good news for the Australian  economy as China is Australia's largest offshore market. The latest census data (2011) shows that China comprises the largest proportion of international students taking courses either in high school or in higher education. The Chinese make up one quarter of the entire overseas student population in Australia which was once the number one destination for Chinese students looking to study elsewhere.

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But despite economic factors such as a rising dollar and large increases in tuition, it's not believed to be a huge barrier. Experts told the Australian that even though these remain issues, average Chinese income has risen by between 100 and 200 per cent.

The United States currently is the top ranking destination for Chinese students who are seeking to be educated offshore. Britain is in the second position whilst Australia has fallen to third.

Wang Wei, general manager of the Cross Worlds International Education centre has told the Australian the way we can claw its way back in the rankings is through border policy.

"Since (the) US and Britain are quite tight with their immigration policies . . . Australia has a better chance to attract more students by offering a more favourable immigration opportunity," she said.

A Macquarie University representative also told the Australian that the applications from overseas students, particularly those from China, were up compared to the same time last year and that fears about immigration changes and cultural issues were easing.

News Limited has reported the HSBC head of commercial banking, James Hogan said that Asian students are ideal to hire due to their work ethic and their ability to communicate with an Asian market, which is where a large portion of business is done.

"The Chinese students in Australia who want to remain here are a great pool of talent to support Chinese companies wanting to do business here or Australian companies which are going to do business in China," Mr Hogan said.