How SkillSelect can help ease migration program operations

Date: Oct 09, 2011
Document Type: Article

Recent market conditions in Australia have highlighted the important role that skilled migrant workers can play in allowing businesses to access talented pools of labour.

But sometimes these parties can have a difficult time in finding each other, with firms unable to locate individuals with the required background and immigrants having trouble in sourcing a qualified sponsor.

One of the avenues that both international professionals and local companies can make use of to find each other is the skilled migration selection register known as SkillSelect.

To be placed on the SkillSelect program, foreign workers first need to submit an expression of interest through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

These submissions are made electronically through the DIAC's website - the department will then invite successful applicants to make a skilled migration visa application.

An important distinction to make here is that the expression of interest itself is not a visa application - instead it is to provide the department with information that allows officers to efficiently sort applicants to find their best possible sponsorship match.

From there, foreign workers are pooled by their previous experience levels and relevant qualifications - allowing potential sponsors to be matched up with international employees that best suit their requirements.

The register is designed to help to fill vacant positions on the DIAC's Skilled Occupations List - a collection of roles divided by industries that are considered to be in need of experienced individuals that the local population is unable to fill.

SkillSelect aims to deliver real and lasting improvements to the way that local businesses are able to source international talent.

While not in place until July 2012, the register will operate in accordance with the priority processing directions that are active at the time - providing Australian firms with the opportunity to operate with some of the best skilled labour available.

To help gain access to these talented international workers, business managers and directors may find the help of a migration lawyer to be invaluable. They can provide decision makers with insight into the requirements of the sponsorship process - potentially minimising any delays by ensuring that the correct documents are supplied to the correct people. In this way, a migration lawyer can  help prevent costly delays in the hiring process by ensuring that an application has the best possible chance for consideration before it is submitted to the department.

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